Floor seatedSPRINGFIELD – A measure co-sponsored by State Senator Terry Link (D-Indian Hills) aimed at reducing skyrocketing prescription insulin costs for diabetics passed the Illinois Senate with bipartisan support Tuesday.

“Drug companies know that diabetics and their families will pay virtually anything for the insulin they need, and they’re taking advantage of that,” Link said. “It’s time we take a stand for the people we represent and put them ahead of the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.”

Senate Bill 667 caps out of pocket insulin expenses at $100 for a 30-day supply and directs the Illinois Attorney General’s office to investigate reasons for rising insulin costs.

According to the American Diabetes Association, there are more than 30 million Americans with diabetes, 7.4 million of which require prescription insulin every day to survive. However, the increasing costs associated with the medication have led many patients to ration their supply or seek care outside of the country.

“For diabetics, this medication isn’t optional, it’s necessary to survive,” Link said. “In Illinois, we need to ensure that all people have access to the medication they need, and this legislation is a major step toward achieving that goal.”

The measure would make Illinois the second state in the country to cap out of pocket insulin costs. Colorado became the first earlier this year.

Senate Bill 667 passed the Senate by a vote of 48-07. It will now move to the Illinois House of Representatives for further consideration.

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04122019CM0607RSPRINGFIELD – After a high-profile loophole allowed several Lake County Board members to draw their Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) pension while still serving on the county board, State Senator Terry Link (D-Indian Creek) passed a proposal to end the practice.

On Friday, Link’s proposal was signed into law by Gov. Pritzker.

“No elected official should be both serving in office while also drawing a retirement check for the work done in that capacity,” Link said. “It is a clear violation of the public trust and an integrity issue, as county board members have the ability to pass measures that could increase their own retirement benefits.”

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02072019CM0258RSPRINGFIELD – Childhood sexual abuse victims would be reaffirmed in their right to bring civil charges against their perpetrator and those who fraudulently concealed their crime under a proposal sponsored by State Senator Terry Link (D-Indian Creek) that was signed into law yesterday by Gov. Pritzker.

“Childhood sexual abuse is a trauma that most of us cannot even fathom,” Link said. “While healing may take years or even decades, confronting an accuser is often an integral part of the healing process for survivors. Our laws should reflect our values that victims and their rights should be protected.”

Link’s new law – which passed under Senate Bill 1868 – reaffirms the ability of victims of childhood sexual abuse cases to bring a civil claim against an abuser or an individual who fraudulently concealed the crime. The law will ensure victims are able to recoup civil damages if there is evidence that their perpetrator intentionally tried to conceal the crime.

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02062019CM0322RSPRINGFIELD – A comprehensive proposal by State Senator Terry Link (D-Indian Creek) aimed at ending the stigma surrounding mental health issues among firefighters and law enforcement officers was signed into law today by Gov. Pritzker.

“The men and women who dedicate their lives to the protection of their neighbors do so under extremely stressful situations that few others can truly understand,” Link said. “Ensuring there are services available when needed shows our brave first responders that even if they face these tough working conditions, they aren’t alone.”

Link’s new law – contained in House Bill 2766 – ensures individuals tasked with providing peer support counseling to law enforcement and firefighters are properly trained. Individuals who seek out mental health treatment will be protected under the law without fear of termination or adverse employment action.

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