SPRINGFIELD, IL –State Senator Terry Link (D-Waukegan) is urging Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to investigate the hub of violence surrounding Lakeside Towers in Waukegan, Illinois.


“This high rise was originally intended to provide a safe, low income, housing environment for families in the downtown Waukegan community,” said Senator Terry Link.  “However, over the last decade, the management of the facility has allowed it to deteriorate and unfortunately it has become a hotbed of crime.  I believe the last straw for the community was a carjacking gone bad last year that ended in a murder outside of the Lakeside Towers.”


Senator Link went on to say that aside from the crime that has occurred in and around the towers, the building itself wither needs to be completely refurbished or torn down.  The health and safety of those living at Lakeside Towers should also be a concern to HUD.


Senator Link is urging those impacted by Lakeside Towers to sign his online petition at www.SenatorLink.com calling for a full investigation by HUD. For those who are unable to visit the website, constituents are urged to reach out to his District Office by writing him at 430 South Milwaukee Avenue Lincolnshire, IL  60069 or calling his office at (847) 821-1811.


“I am launching this effort to bring the issues at Lakeside Tower to the attention of HUD, who oversees low-income housing properties throughout the state,” said Link.  “I am asking everyone in the community to reach out to my office or on my website and tell me their opinions concerning the future of Lakeside Towers.”

To sign the petition calling for a full investigation, please click here



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SPRINGFIELD, IL –Legislation sponsored by State Senator Terry Link (D-Waukegan) will allow the State Treasurer’s Office to combine a number of loan programs for fire departments.  This will help in cutting down the administrative costs associated with running the programs.

“By consolidating these programs we are going to help save the state dollars while ensuring the integrity of the existing programs,” said Senator Terry Link.  “It is important that the state continue to help local fire departments with low/no interest loans to guarantee they have the necessary tools to keep our communities safe.”

Senate Bill 3373 creates the Fire and Ambulance Services Revolving Loan Fund as a special fund in the State treasury. The Fund provides low interest and interest free loans to local communities in need of new equipment for their fire departments and emergency services.   This one program will replace the three currently in operation which are the Fire Truck Revolving Loan Fund, the Fire Station Revolving Loan Fund and the Ambulance Revolving Loan Fund.

The Fund will be used for loans to fire departments and fire protection districts to purchase fire trucks; to build, remodel or expand fire stations; and allow fire departments, fire protection districts, and non-profit ambulance services to purchase ambulances.

Senate Snapshot:
What: SB 3373 passed the Senate
The Vote: 55-0-0
Lead Senate Sponsor: Senator Terry Link (D-Waukegan)
Next: Goes to the House of Representatives

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SPRINGFIELD, IL –Senator Terry Link (D-Waukegan) is sponsoring legislation that will require “roll your own” (RYO) cigarette machines to be taxed equal to cigarette manufacturers.

RYO machines use loose pipe tobacco which is taxed lower in Illinois (18% wholesale price) than cigarettes ($0.98 per pack).  In addition, cigarettes produced by these machines do not comply with state regulations concerning warning labels or fire standards.

“By not taxing RYO machines, the State of Illinois could be losing up to $2.2 million in revenue that could help fund education or pay down our backlog of bills,” said Senator Terry Link.  “By using these machines, there is a growing disadvantage to legitimate retailers and manufacturers who are paying their taxes.” 

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SPRINGFIELD, IL –Senator Terry Link (D-Waukegan) was pleased to hear about the Governor’s continued commitment to creating jobs in Illinois, but noted that without economic increases Illinois is going to continue to face the situation that has repeated itself in recent years.

“I agree with the Governor that we need to continue to invest in children through continue to fund early childhood education programs.  Without this early start, children may not be prepared for elementary school and these types of programs can make the difference between a child succeeding or struggling later in their educational career.”

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