State Senator Terry Link (D-Waukegan) has supported a measure that will help local fire districts and fire protection districts purchase new fire trucks.

“Many of the fire departments around Illinois are using older or outdated equipment,” Link said. “Better equipment, like the purchase of new trucks, helps keep all of our communities safer.”

Currently, the state of Illinois has a Fire Truck Revolving Loan Program that was first created in 2004. The purpose of the program was to provide interest-free loans directly to local units of government for the purchase of fire trucks by a department, fire protection district or township fire department.

According to the state fire marshal, Senate Bill 2690 was a necessary increase.  Since 2004, the cost of a fire engine has increased with inflation, and the primary goal of this fund was originally to help smaller, volunteer fire departments purchase fire trucks.

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State Senator Terry Link (D-Waukegan) supported legislation that will allow dentists to administer certain vaccines to patients 18 and older.

“This was an initiative of the American Dental Society and will provide another resource for those who need vaccinations,” Link said. “Recently, Illinois passed a measure to allow pharmacists to administer vaccines; by adding dentists we are allowing patients to have another available option to receive vaccinations for things like influenza.”

Senate Bill 3409 will allow dentists to enrolled in a medical network or as a Medicaid provider, so they can administer influenza vaccinations to a patient enrolled in the same medical network or Medicare or Medicaid. The restriction for dentists administering immunizations is that the patient must be 18 or over and have a valid prescription or standing order for the vaccination from a physician.

In order to administer flu vaccines, a dentist must have completed appropriate training on recognizing adverse reactions to these vaccinations.

To ensure that a patient’s chart is up to date, after administering a vaccination the dentist must notify the patient's prescribing physician and keep records of the vaccination.

In addition, dentists must review the state’s immunization data registry prior to giving any vaccination to a patient and submit any vaccination data to the state’s immunization data registry after administering a vaccination to a patient.

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link-boysgirlsclub0414Kids from the Boys and Girls Club met with Senator Terry Link (D-Waukegan) early Thursday morning.

The group met with Link in his office in the Capitol building in Springfield, posing for a picture and talking with the senator.

"I think it's a wonderful opportunity the Boys and Girls Club creates for young people in my district," said Link. "Children should have every chance to learn and grow, and this organization excels at filling the gaps in young people’s lives. I am proud to be a supporter of these kids and the Boys and Girls Club in my district."


Pictured clockwise from right: Chris Rice; Sandrie C.; Sandrie C.; Cesilie Price, CEO of Boys and Girls Club of Lake County; Senator Terry Link

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Link-assessments-040114SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Terry Link (D-Waukegan) is sponsoring legislation that will exempt homeowners from increased assessments if they make improvements for accessibility.

“This issue was brought to me by a local resident who remodeled her bathroom to make it safer, she added hand rails and a bench to help prevent a fall. However, because she applied for all appropriate permits, the assessor reassessed the value of her home, and her property taxes went up,” said Link. “It is unfair to punish our seniors and returning veterans who may need to make their homes more accessible.”

Senate Bill 343 states that any improvements a homeowner makes to their property to help improve accessibility, such as adding a wheelchair ramp, retrofitting a bathroom or putting in a lift to help someone get up stairs, will not increase the property’s assessed value and therefore not increase their property taxes.

This measure passed the Senate unanimously and now goes to the House of Representatives for their consideration.

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