SPRINGFIELD, IL –After listening to the Governor’s budget address today, State Senator Terry Link (D-Waukegan) had questions about how the state could raise revenues to help pay for some of the programmatic cuts the Governor has proposed.


“One way to bring more dollars to our state is with tourism,” stated Link.  “The tourism industry in Illinois generated over $5 billion in tax revenues and provided over 300,000 jobs for the state last year alone.  This is an area we cannot afford to cut in the upcoming budget.” 




Another important aspect of the budget that concerned Senator Link was the facility closures announced by Governor Quinn.


Senator Link was relieved to see that the Ann M. Kiley Developmental Center was not on the facilities list the Governor plans to shutter.


“The Ann M. Kiley Developmental Center is a facility located in Waukegan that provides services and care to those with developmental disabilities,” Senator Link noted.  “This facility is necessary to the community to keep loved ones close to home.”


In addition, Senator Link pointed out that in an attempt to propose a balanced budget, Governor Quinn has completely cut funding for retired teachers in Illinois.


“By cutting the funding for health care for retired teachers, the Governor will make healthcare coverage unaffordable,” said Senator Link.


Although the Governor listed many human service cuts in his speech today, there were no details concerning how Illinois was going to stabilize and strengthen either the pension system or Medicaid.


“This budget proposal brings to light the areas targeted by Governor Quinn for cuts, and now we need to work together as a caucus to make responsible cuts instead of slashing programs most needed by the people of Illinois,” Senator Link stated.

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