SPRINGFIELD— A measure that will help to protect victims of crime and their families by better informing them on the status and details of their case was sent to the Governor this week.

Senate Bill 1043, sponsored by Senator Terry Link (D-Waukegan), makes a change to the Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses Act, and requires law enforcement to notify a victim, or the family of the victim when a closed case has been reopened.

Current law does not require police officials to notify a victim or their family in the reopening of a criminal case. The only exception to sharing information is in the event that doing so would interfere with the investigation.

“I’m pleased that this measure has made it to the Governor’s desk, and I respectfully encourage him to sign the bill,” Senator Link said. “This legislation was created as a direct result from an incident in my district where a victim’s family only learned of their cold case reopening by reading it in their local paper – these families deserve to be notified.”

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