Link041113br0011Victims of childhood sexual abuse would no longer face legal deadlines regarding how long they have to seek damages from their abusers, under legislation state Sen. Terry Link passed out of the Illinois Senate this week.


“I don’t know how you put an expiration date on being scarred for life,” Link said after his legislation, Senate Bill 1399, was approved 48-4. It now advances to the Illinois House for further consideration.


Current state law imposes a 20-year deadline for a sexual abuse victim to file a lawsuit against the abuser. More specifically, the victim has 20 years from the date that he or she knew of the abuse to go to court.


Link’s plan simply eliminates that deadline so a victim could sue for damages at any time.


“There should not be a limited time frame for when someone who was abused as a child can sue the abuser,” Link said. “Victims struggle with this throughout their lives. The current law serves only to reward abusers who basically get away with it for a long enough time. We need to start protecting the victims and worrying about their rights.”

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