Link Visits Food BankWaukegan.- State Senator Terry Link visited the Cool Ministries Food Bank in Downtown Waukegan. Diane Thackston, Executive Director of Cool Ministries, guided the senator throughout the facilities and showed the work they do in the North Shore area.

Cool Ministries has been operating for over 32 years and, currently, it feeds 7,000 people each month. “I dearly remember my humble beginnings when I had the fortune to have a simple meal before going to school. As a state senator, I work hard to make sure that our children and their parents will not go to school or to work with an empty stomach,” said Link.

Cool Ministries also offer temporally housing options to people in need who meet certain criteria. To do this fine work, they heavily rely on volunteers who are vital to operate.

“Despite the challenging economy that makes it harder to get donations or public funding, our enthusiasm does not cease for helping those in need of a helping hand to get back on their feet,” said Director Thackston.

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